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Chiller 95

Review by Dr. Scott Buonanno
Chiller Theatre held its biannual Science fiction, Horror, Toy, Model and Film expo the weekend of Oct 27-29 at the Secaucus, N.J. Hilton Hotel. Numerous sci-fi and horror movie actors and actresses, kit producers and collectible dealers showed up for what has become the largest sci-fi show in the Northeast. From Roger Corman to the children of Lugosi, Karloff, and Chaney, this show was stocked with celebs to meet and greet. Horror hobbyists need not fear for gargage kit talents such as Shawn Nagle, Terry Webb, Dave Fisher, Mad Labs' Mike Parks, Wayne the Dane Hanson, Gordy Dutt and many others came to show off their new wares.


New Kits

There were plenty of new kits to look at. Fewture Models was in attendance all the way from Japan. In addition to a new Nina Delono kit, they were showing a soon to be available Genocyber kit. Large and impressively sculpted, this will be a must have for Japanimation fans.

A new outfit called Fantasy World Studios had several pieces to show. First was Dr. Nefarious, a disembowled zombie physician. Also from FWS was a piece called Jester, featuring a stalking creature in a Jesters outfit out for no good. These kits feature color box art and Nefarious came with a comic book drawn by the sculptor. Nice clean castings make this outfit a winner in the making.

G-Force was down from Canada with their line of Predators and Predettes. I don't know if its new or not but it still bears mentioning. G-Force makes a 1/3 scale predator in resin. Standing around 28 inches tall, this kit is a monster. If you like to build 'em big, look to G-Force and their intimidating Predator. At $500, its not cheap, but may be the ultimate predator for your collection.

Mad Lab Models debuted their new Ymir kit. If you're familiar with their creature charicatures, you'll be pleased to know that this is their best yet. The Ymir stands roughly 4 inches tall and clutches a particular Disney cartoon pachyderm in his claw. Also new from Mad Labs was their Threshold, a well sculpted pillar topped with a succubus and standing nearly 18 inches tall. Very nice overall.

Nightlife Productions continues to put out their line of figures. Featuring roughly 1/8 scale vampires, werewolves and fiends, these kits are very nicely done and are affordable too. I believe most were sculpted by Ian Coulter who previously had lots of stuff put out through Soldat. One interesting line was a western themed zombie line. Big Dan Productions from N.H. contracted Coulter to sculpt these kits and is selling them through Night Life. The Preacher kit, features a recently hanged cowboy zombie man of the cloth with a noose hanging around his neck, ready to deliver a fire and brimstone sermon from the good book he holds aloft . These kits are neat if only for the fact that they incorporate the western and horror genres together. Add to that the fact that they are well sculpted with bases and in the $70 dollar range and these kits should be very well received Also from Night Life was Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. Approximately 1/6 scale, Ilsa looks like she means business.There was also a nicely done Jerry Garcia bust for all the mourning Dead Heads. Most of the other Night Life kits are stand alone kits without bases. Night Life was also selling male anatomical blanks in two styles. They are sponsoring a contest for those of you who like to resculpt and reconfigure kits that will be held at the spring Chiller Theatre show.

Posthumous Productions was there with their wonderful Mother of Invention Kit. This kit is a beautiful tribute to Frank Zappa complete with stage, amp and guitar. Along the same lines is the VooDoo Chile. This was one of the best kits of the show, IMHO. Featuring the late great Jimi Hendrix in full regalia, a wonderfully animated pose, a stage with a Marshall Stack and the option of a Strat or Flying V guitar, you could almost hear the feedback from the amps. This is a wonderful tribute piece to one of the most innovative players of the period.

Sideshow Inc. had order forms and color flyers for the upcoming Wrightson Frankenstein. Judging from the pictures, and from the glowing words of Terry Webb and Dave Fisher, this kit will be a must have.


Other News

Amazing Figure Modeler is back on the right track. Terry Webb was in attendance with David Fisher at his side. The back drop for their booth was a blowup for their next issue due in early December. Terry explained that the long delay between issues was caused by a change in the production team. Joe Molnar decided he needed to devote more time to his business and couldn't devote the necessary time to AFM. Joe stepped aside, and Dave Fisher stepped in. Speaking of Dave, his new Model Mania video was for sale. Featuring sections on advanced airbrushing and metallic finishes, it seems like a natural followup to his first, excellent video.

KDM Productions is now being run under the Alternative Images Productions flag. AI will be putting out the KDM line from now on. Anybody who has seen the excellent KDM Kandaharian Demon, Bub, Henrietta and other kits will be happy to know they will still be around.

Netherworld, makers of the excellent Julia and Dr. Channard from Hellraiser kits didn't have any new kits to show, but still are in the news. Their Xenomorphous Rex will be reissued sometime next year. A giant kit weighing in at 15 lbs, this wasn't even the big news. Netherworld sculptor Paul Komoda and horror giant Clive Barker will be collaborating on an original character kit. Komoda wouldn't say much, but would say it would be developed from a Barker illustration and that Barker would probably do the box art. If you are a Barker fan, this is huge news. With his imagination and the excellent sculpting of Komoda, and the excellent production values of Netherworld, this may turn into one of the most eagerly awaited kits of next year.



Once again Chiller pulls no punches in putting on the best Sci-fi horror show in the Northeast. Between Corman, the children of the alltime greats, artists Ed Repka (all those Megadeth covers), Basil Gogos (Famous Monsters Magazine), Ben Chapman (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and all the scream queens (Monique Gabriel, Julie Strain, PJ Soles), the show was well attended by celebs. Add to this three rooms full of vendors selling everything from old scripts to posters and prints to autographs to the latest resin and vinyl, this was the place to be. In fact if you were anywhere in the Northeast and are a horror fan and weren't there, you need to ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" The only downsides to the show were the fact that it is just too big. They need to hold it somewhere with more parking and more space, maybe like the nearby Giants stadium or Brendan Byrne Arena. Its THAT BIG.

Last was the one wiseguy vendor selling recasts. This clown was selling resin recasts of The Dark Horse Alien for $200 and had lots of other recasts too. Bad enough to be a ripoff artist, but to be a greedy ripoff artist? Get a clue and don't come back.

Anyway, thats the story from Chiller Theatre Fall 95. Hope you enjoyed the article.


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