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Explorations in Painting

This video is a must have for any person who is new to painting figures. It covers a lot of the basics such as cleaning your vinyl model, gluing, puttying, priming, painting a base coat, dry brushing, applying washes, and detailing eyes and teeth.

Explorations in Painting
Horizon Hobbies & Toys
Los Angles, CA 90013


Model Mania

These videos cover building and painting vinyl and resin figures. Everyone should have them! There is also a tour of some of the finished kits in David Fisher's collection. These videos contain a lot of good material, like painting transparent lace on Linnea Quigley:
[Linnea video clip]
(1Mb QuickTime)

Oribit Graphics
P.O. Box 2008
Madison, TN 37116-2008
Vol. 1 $29.95 + $4.00 shipping and handling (domestic)
Vol. 2 $29.95 + $4.00 shipping and handling (domestic)

For more information check out Model Mania.


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