Gremlins in the Garage!

Garage kits are little scuptures made by artists in small quantities that you can build and paint yourself. The place to find them is Gremlins in the Garage!

Watch out! There are artistic little gremlins banging away creating things in garages all over the world! And you just stumbled into the center of their web! Those gremlins are figure model kit sculptors, producers, and builders who pour their souls over a lump of clay to breathe life into it. Often alone in their garages and workshops, their visions are created out of a passion for their subjects.

We hope to give you a taste of this community and entice you to follow the paths we have created that will transform you into...

... a gremlin!
Midget Monsters

What happens when you want to express the essence of a classic monster? This midget lycanthrope says it all!

Bela The Vampire
Boris The Monster
Eric The Phantom
Frederick Mr. Hyde
Lon The Lycanthrope
London After Midnight
Obscure Classics

Ever wonder if Imhotep's Princess might follow him out of the tomb? Here is what Princess Ananka might have looked like while pursuing the love of her life. "I have come - a reduplicated perfect..."

The Mummy
Molded In Her Form...
Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice...

Nice Girls

Original female designs must be one of the hardest art forms to achieve. No one knows what a monster should look like, but we are all expert judges of the female form. What better way to worship the female mystique than through sculpture...

Sculpting An Angel
Violet Vixen
A Special Buildup...

Modern Heros

Come one step closer to bringing your heros to life. Create a physical icon to represent the notions that intrigue you the most...

Cyber Ninja
Boris Vallejo's Creations

Ancient Legends

Once, ancient legends could only be remembered through the spoken word passed from one generation to the next. Now we can honor them in a new form...

Voluptious Tears
Sebellicus Guardian

Scratch Builds

Scratch builds are the heart and soul of garage kits. That is where it all begins, with the people who have the passion to create something from deep within. Just so that it will exist...

Duncan Hopkins
Low Tide
Getting Started With Sculpting
Crackin' toast, Gromit
The Crow
The Joker


Do you feel your skin starting to get slippery? Are your teeth becoming sharper? Is your mind bubbling over with mischevious thoughts? Then complete the transformation! Follow the final path to Gremlins in the Garage!

You will never have to feel the pain of the sunlight again...

Gremlins in the Garage!


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