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Reach Your Audience

The key to successfull advertising is to reach your audience. Gremlins in the Garage provides a great way to do that.

Each month there are about 2,000,000 accesses of Gremlins in the Garage by thousands of different locations. People come back frequently to check for new information so it's a great place to show off your stuff. And the price is right - everything on gremlins is now free!

Gremlins in the Garage has it's own domain name, www.gremlins.com, so it is easy to remember and find. There are numerous links to Gremlins in the Garage from other web pages including:

Just search for gremlins.

Gremlins in the Garage carries articles and build ups by kit builders, the very audience you are trying to reach. These people can find it all in one place: announcements, reviews, kit info, company info, company catalogs.

Gremlins provides a mailing list and chat group for people in the figure kit community. When the pages are updated we send mail so people will know there is some new information to explore.

The world wide web provides a way to reach a wide audience and bring new people into the garage kit scene.

Break down the barriers of time and space, people on the world wide web can browse your information 24 hours a day from anywhere on the earth.

Check out a couple of the notes readers have sent.

Provide Detailed Information

You can provide detailed information about your company, kits, and ordering. Catalogs can include anything you desire: full size/full color photos, price lists, company background, ordering details, order forms, surveys, and anything else you can think of. This can make people more confident in your product and more likely to order without having to see your kits in a store.
For each kit you might want to include:

For an example check out the page for Violet Vixen.

It's Easy

Advertising with Gremlins in the Garage is fast and easy.

We can provide ad space for you. Draw people into your pages with ad bars at the top of popular gremlins pages. It's a great way to bring in more visitors.

Let Gremlins in the Garage take care of making your pages available and maintaining your presence on the web. The web changes quickly so maintaining your pages can be very time consuming. Don't worry about disk space limits.

There aren't any deadlines! Why wait months for your information to reach kit builders? You can update or add information in your pages at any time.

Become a member of the gremlins web site and submit your kit information right from your web browser!


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