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I put together this survey to get a better idea of who is out there reading these pages and in which directions you would like push Gremlins in the Garage! So here is your chance to give some feedback without having to scratch your head and think of something interesting to say in an e-mail message... Hey, if you were going to send e-mail you better still do it!

If you don't want to answer a specific question just skip it.

I have put the current survey results on the survey form so you can get an idea of how people have been responding. I'll be creating a new survey soon based on the feeback from this one.



  1. How would you classify yourself?
    kit builder (66%)
    kit collector (20%)
    lurker (10%)

  2. What is your figure model kit building experience?
    I work on figure kits every day. (17%)
    I work on figure kits a little each month. (52%)
    I have some figure kits, but I never get time to work on them. (18%)
    I worked on figure kits when I was a kid, but not since then. (2%)
    What is a figure model kit? (5%)

  3. How often do you visit the "Gremlins in the Garage!" pages?
    Once a day. (17%)
    Once a week. (42%)
    Once a month. (20%)
    What's "Gremlins in the Garage!"? (12%)

  4. What web browser do you use?
    America Online (22%)
    CompuServe (4%)
    Mosaic (1%)
    NetScape (62%)
    Prodigy (1%)
    All those browsers eat quiche, I use: (4%)

  5. How fast do the pages load for you?
    Fast, I love it! (12%)
    Reasonable, no problem. (64%)
    Slow, it's kind of annoying. (21%)
    I'm still waiting... (1%)

  6. What other services would you like "Gremlins in the Garage!" to provide?
    Internet Relay Chat - So I can rap with other resin heads. (44%)
    Mailing List - So I can get updates on what's new. (58%)
    Anonymous Ftp - So I can bip jpegs for the gallery. (22%)
    Escorts - So I can go to the next party with a Scream Queen on my arm. (41%)

  7. How much do you spend on figure model kits?
    More than $100 a week (please don't tell my significant other). (6%)
    More than $100 a month. (30%)
    More than $100 a year. (46%)
    They cost money? (9%)

  8. Where do you order your figure model kits from?
    From the company that makes the kit. (36%)
    From a distributer. (42%)
    From a hobby shop. (76%)
    From a broker. (0%)
    From my cousin Louie. (4%)

  9. If you could order kits securely online with a credit card would you?
    Yes, that would be way cool. (72%)
    No, and let me tell you why: (22%)

  10. Would seeing company catalogs online make you more likely to buy a kit, even if it was not ordered online?
    Yes. (92%)
    No, and let me tell you why: (5%)

  11. What are your favorite genre?
    Anime (29%)
    Comics (21%)
    Fantasy (29%)
    Horror (37%)
    Sci-Fi (57%)
    Get out of town! My favorite genre is: (10%)

  12. What are your favorite kit materials?
    Metal (18%)
    Plastic (34%)
    Porcelain (6%)
    Resin (57%)
    Vinyl (50%)

  13. What are your painting methods?
    Airbrush (60%)
    Dry Brush (65%)
    Wash (50%)

  14. What are your favorite kit companies?

  15. What is your favorite kit?
  16. Here are the questions that I wish you had asked (along with my answers):


I'm going to come out of the garage! My real name is and my e-mail address is .


, I'm all done.

, I want to start all over.


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