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DRONE covers the gamut in the science fiction realm (vehicles, figure kits, etc). Six issues per year, in newsletter format. Write for more information:

Film & T.V. Model Club (DRONE)
172 High Hope Street
Co. Durham DL15 9JA U.K.
6 issues / year
U.K. 12.00
E.E.C. 16.00
U.S.A./Canada/Europe (Zone 1 Airmail) 20.00
Far East/Japan/Australia (Zone 2 Airmail) 25.00


Toy Shop

LARGE Bi-monthly paper. Excellent publication on collectible toys, especially from the 50s and 60s. Every issue includes advertisements for new and vintage model kits. This is a terrific resource and is well worth the money. Published by the same folks responsible for Comic Buyers Guide.

Toy Shop
700 E. State Street
Iola, WI. 54900
26 issues / $23.95


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