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When I was a kid I bought every Aurora monster kit I could get my hands on. At one point I had a three month advance on my allowance! Then one by one they were broken during a move (or monster attack in the bathtub) and forgotten. Then one day a couple of years ago I saw a Horizon Mole Man while I was wandering thru a hobby shop and it started all over again. And I still have to try and stick to an allowance!

Gremlins in the Garage is all about "figure model kits". These are kits, like the plastic car kits that you find in a typical hobby shop. But these kits are of movie monsters, science fiction characters, cartoon characters, etc. And most of these kits are scuplted by individuals in small companies. We call them "garage kits" because the small companies sometimes do all their work in a spare part of their home, like their garage. These kits aren't made out of plastic because it is expensive to tool up for making plastic kits. Most of the kits are resin which is very easy to setup for small quantaties (a couple hundred kits). Kits that go in larger runs (like a thousand) are typically made in vinyl.

These pages are a place where people who build these kits can show everyone their finished kits (in the "Gallery"), what they thought of a kit (in "Reviews"), and any tips they have on building and painting the kits (in "How To"). It is also a place where kit builders can find out about new kits (in "Bites"). And kit companies can put their catalogs (in "Garages") so kit builders can find out what kits are out there and how to order them.

The figure kit industry today seems pretty large and exciting to me, but I found that it was hard to get information on figure kit modeling. After a couple of years of poking around here and there I felt that I was starting to get a handle on things. These pages were put together in the hopes that I can share some of this hard won information and give some other people a jump start into this interesting up and coming hobby.

The first page appeared in November 1994 with a few small pictures of a couple of my finished kits. Since then these pages just seem to keep growing. In July 1995 there was enough content that I felt a better cover page was needed to organize the content and provide quick access to new stuff. That's when Gremlins in the Garage was born.

It is input from kit builders like you that will keep these pages interesting and relevant, so please contribute! This includes pictures, reviews, how to articles, company addresses, new kit release information and anything else you would like to see. These pages are filled with contributions from figure modelers out here on the web:

Denis Bohm (denis_bohm@fireflydesign.com)


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